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20 websites that can help find your child’s future

Wondering where to start in advising your child about future careers? Ty Jury, a guidance counselor at Waunakee Middle School, tells students and parents their career development is a “slinky” model rather than the traditional “ruler” model.

“Just knowing the process by high school and where to look for information is very helpful,” Jury says.  He offers the following list of 20 websites to 8th graders and parents to get them started on the career development search.

  1. Wisconsin Careers                  
  2. Waunakee HS Career Clusters
  3. WI Career Pathways               
  4. Parent Involvement                
  5. Career Clusters                       
  6. My Next Move                         
  7. Student Career Videos           
  8. WI Post-Secondary Options  
  9. UW Colleges and Universities
  10. WI Technical Colleges            
  11. WI Private Colleges               
  12. College Searches                    
  13. ACT Planning List       
  14. Military Site                            
  15. Occupation Handbook          
  16. Trade Schools                         
  17. Know How 2 Go                      
  18. Mapping Your Future
  19. Financial Savings        
  20. Student Aid                 


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