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Technical college transfer opportunities continue to grow

by on 06/13/2014

More students may choose to transfer between Wisconsin colleges and universities as a result of a new Universal Transfer Agreement between the Wisconsin Technical College System (WTCS) and the University of Wisconsin System. The agreement allows students to transfer credits from 11 general education courses between colleges in either system.

Now, students from any of the 16 Wisconsin technical colleges can transfer credits from these courses to satisfy general education, general degree or elective requirements to colleges or universities in the UW System. Likewise, students from UW System institutions can transfer these credits to a technical college.

In the fall of 2012-2013, 3,704 students transferred from Wisconsin technical colleges to the UW System. More students could transfer as a result of this agreement.

During the 2012-2013 academic year, 4,292 students successfully transferred credits earned at a UW System institution to be applied towards completion of a degree or diploma program at a Wisconsin technical college. The number has been increasing over the last three years.

The agreement provides more flexibility for students who aren’t sure of their career goals. Often during the first year or two, students find their career passion or set new career goals. It also gives students a less expensive route to earning a bachelor’s degree since technical college tuition is lower than the UW System tuition.

Representatives of both systems will review the agreement each year, so slight changes could be made to the course list. Not all of these courses transfer equally to the UW System. So check the Transfer Information System website and consult with a college transfer adviser before you begin taking these courses.


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